The taste of tradition


NAULIN COGNAC is a very old brand of blended eaux-de-vie that expresses the region’s various Crus. Offering a balance between tradition and modern appeal, NAULIN gains its generosity, simplicity and aromatic profile from the meticulous work of the Boinaud Family, who distil, age and blend the spirit that you now hold in your hands. It is thanks to this dedication and integrity that the Boinauds today own the largest family-operated winery in Cognac. Beyond their success, they take pride in passing on invaluable expertise, that the 24th generation continues to nurture and perpetuate: The taste of tradition !



Golden yellow amber


A rich aromatic palette of floral notes (orange blossom), fruity notes (plum jam) and spicy notes (chocolate-licorice)


On the palate, it is the delicacy of a plum pie that emerges to create a very harmonious and smooth finish


Eau permanente, eau d’or, âme ardente du vin, Quintessence, liqueur des dieux, présent divin, Qui fais, avec les sens comblés, l’âme ravie, Et ton vrai nom, ton nom premier, c’est « Eau de Vie ».

- Charles BOINAUD